Great Game Resource – Paletton

Color is an incredibly powerful force.

It carries an emotional resonance. Shades of blue instill a sense of sadness, while bright layers of yellow shine happiness. Warm reds radiate love. Images with strong saturation tend to feel vibrant and more defined. Lower levels of saturation mute colors and can make the image feel washed out and even nostalgic.

It speaks volumes of information. In World of Warcraft, the system for identifying if an enemy is too easy or too difficult to take on is distinguished with color. Enemies with green tags are easy to defeat and yield less experience. Red tagged enemies might prove more difficult for a lone adventurer.

It carries meaning. When playing games, we tend to hold the expectation that objects of certain colors behave a certain way. In classic RPGs, red potions are expected to heal your character. Blue potions restore mana. Purple potions restore both health and mana.

Color is incredibly important to design. Even the lack thereof. After all, all designs require balance.

That’s why one of my favorite resources for color is Paletton.

Paletton is a color wheel souped up with all the bells and whistles you never knew a color wheel could have. While you start with just one main color, you can choose up to four to make gorgeous, cohesive color schemes.

The circle in the middle allows you to adjust the more miniscule details to get the shades of color you are looking for.

My favorite feature is the presets. Once you pick your base color, you can view an entire range of preset colors of different shades and saturations. I really think this feature is helpful for finding ranges of colors that you might not have otherwise considered.

When you’re done, you can choose to export your colors to just about any platform you can think of. When I’m focused and in the zone, though, I still resort to old-fashioned screen capture above all else.

If you’re having trouble coming up with decent color schemes, I would definitely suggest Paletton. I think it’s a valuable tool for any designer to make your designs feel cohesive and professional. And for those of you who love to work on the go, the great folks who maintain this amazing resource are currently developing a mobile version for phones and tablets.

I’m Not Superstitious, But I Am A Little Stitious

My husband’s family was kind enough to treat us to dinner at the Chinese restaurant yesterday. It was really nice until I accidentally ate a jalapeño (a fresh jalapeño slice, seeds and all) that was mixed in with the breaded pepper chicken. And my husband’s mom tried to snap a picture of my pain and suffering. No doubt for blackmail material later.

Well, I’m still the only person who can use chopsticks decently. So, nyeh.

My husband grabbed us some fortune cookies on the way out. I really love fortune cookies, you know? They’re probably about as close to Kinder Eggs as the United States is ever going to get. I especially love the little fortunes inside. Sometimes they’re spot on, other times they make no sense at all. Either way, they never disappoint.

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Great Game Resource – DeviantArt

One of the more challenging aspects of video game design is the art. Not only do you have to create custom art and animations for your game, but you also have to make it enticing to potential players. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are very artistically inclined. Or perhaps you’re having a hard time with inspiration. These kinds of roadblocks can make it very difficult to get the ball rolling.

One of my favorite resources for inspiration and references is DeviantArt.

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“Do you bleed?”

I had the pleasure of seeing Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice this weekend with some really great friends and my husband.

What is it about movie theater seats that makes your ass go numb?

Are they designed that way so you aren’t tempted to enjoy your movie too much?

Now, I’m not going to pretend I know that much about Batman or Superman. In fact, I wasn’t much of a superhero fan at all until I met my husband, who subsequently brought it upon himself to educate me on the subject (Can anyone say marathon?). Yeah.

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Story vs. Gameplay

Video games have come a long way since the invention of Tennis for Two (the very first video game in history) by William Higinbothan in 1958. Since then, video games evolved to include heart-wrenching stories, complicated gameplay, and graphics that immerse you into magical worlds. Regardless of how video games have changed from their humble beginnings, the battle still wages on over what’s really most important to a good game: story or gameplay.

So, which is more important?

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The First Post: The Truth, and Nothing But

It is incredibly easy to decide that you want to do something. That you’re actually going to follow through.

It’s incredibly hard to actually do it.

(Hold on a moment while I go the mirror and give myself a stern look. “I’m talking to YOU, me.”)

I got my inspiration to start Of Pixels and Polygons shortly after my husband launched his own blog Link Cabled. He was writing about video games, giving his impressions and putting his voice out there. I wanted to, as well.

I mistakenly had myself under the impression that this was going to be easy. After all, who doesn’t love to sink their teeth into a good game and gnaw on about the good, the bad, and the downright ugly of it. There’s no shortage of things to say because it’s easy to criticize something for it’s faults. Except, when I sat down to really hash out what I thought about a game.. I found myself coming up empty.

This was going to be a lot harder than I thought.

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